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Foundation — is the base of all buildings.

Swedish foundation solution

Insulated Swedish foundation is a modern and heat efficient foundation requiring shallow embedment. It is not only a foundation, not just a concrete slab. This is the true foundation of your house. The technology of the “Swedish slab” combines the construction of a heat-insulated monolithic foundation slab with the possibility of utility lines laying, including a water-based underfloor heating system. An integrated approach allows you to get a warm foundation with built-in engineering systems along with a flat floor, ready for tiling, laminate or other flooring laying in a short time.

The benefits of the solution:

  • An increased degree of thermal insulation of the building and, as a result, a significant heat loss reduction;
  • No restrictions as for the type of soil: it can be mounted even on wet soil;
  • All utility lines are already laid in the foundation taking into account the designed rooms;
  • Soil under the foundation does not freeze, which significantly reduces soil heaving;
  • High construction progress;

Strip foundation from Fibo5

Strip foundation from Fibo blocks has a range of practical benefits:

  • The foundation made of Fibo blocks has a good durability – it will not be prone to harmful external impacts, which ensures an excellent quality and guaranteed longevity;
  • Besides, it possesses wonderful heat-insulating properties (characteristics);
  • Fibo blocks perfectly resist temperature changes, which allows to apply them in any conditions;
  • Foundation built from Fibo blocks (haydite concrete blocks) is environmentally friendly;